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Price forecast and fluctuation tracking of LED TV panel in May


Data source: Runto, in US dollars
May 2022 LED TV panel price trend
Panel prices continued to fall in full size again in April. Global TV demand weakened due to the outbreak of the ran-ukrainian war, especially in Europe, while demand in North did not pick up, samsung, LG affected by the single.


At present, the China TV terminal market demand is low, in recent months, the brand has shown a reasonable inventory and conservative attitude to stock.

- 32 inches: April price down $1 to $38; may price expected to continue down $2.

- 43-inch FHD: April price decline unchanged from March, down to $66; may price drop is expected to be the same as April, down another $1.

- 50 inches: April price down to $79, down $2; may price slowdown, expected to drop $1.

- 55 inches: April price down to $103, down $4; may price expected to drop $3.

- Above 65 inches: April saw the biggest drop, with prices down nearly $10, to $157, and $254, at 65 and 75 inches; both expected to drop $5 in May.

- The epidemic in Shanghai and its surrounding areas in China has little impact on the supply of large and medium size display panels. In addition, panel factories have yet to reduce production. The downward trend in panel prices is expected to continue in May and June, but the decline is slower than in April. The only variable is the terminal market is about to usher in the first half of the largest sales season stock, 618 during the whole machine retail prices will be broken, resulting in demand stimulus and sales scale to be observed.


 Data source: Runto, in US dollars.

Note: the highest and lowest prices refer to the highest and lowest prices for the past 12 consecutive months.

Post time: May-21-2022