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 What brand of LED TV quality good? What’s the best of the latest TV set?

When we Buy a LED TV we are confused by such as 4K, HDR and color gamut, contrast etc...we do not know how to choose it. Now let’s learn what defines a good LED TV:


What brand of LED TV quality good?
I would like to say that the brand is only one of the factors. We must learn to choose the TV, then we can choose the one that suits US and is of good quality,
1. First of all, we need to determine the size we needs, such as 55-inch or 65-inch, it’s not the bigger the better, this has to be decided on our room size, bIg is good for visual perception, but it’s not suitable for a small living room. Therefore, we generally choose TV according to the situation. Usually, if the distance of watching a movie is about 2.5-3.0 meters, a 50-inch TV is almost enough. If the distance is more than three meters, then the suggestion 55-65 inches, if the distance is further then the suggestion chooses 65-75 inches, this size completely satisfied the family use demand!
2. TV resolution is very important, because the resolution determines whether the TV is clear and so on, if the resolution is low, then the picture quality fuzzy affects our experience. So select LED TV now preferred 4K ultra-high-definition television, the Real 4K HDTV resolution can reach 3840 * 2160. Some pictures have a lower resolution, 800 x 600 or 720p or 1080p, and 1080p is good, but the higher and better the resolution, the details in the picture quality show more perfect! Also increase good feelings when we follow the drama.

3. Look at the TV backlight, the current mainstream TV on the market includes LCD TV, OLED TV and ULED TV or QLED TV, etc. Therefore the picture quality clarity is general! And high-end some TV is self-luminous, do not need light source, so the advantage is to make the picture quality better! And a lot of high-end TV use district light control technology, so that the picture quality will be better. And there are two mainstream backlighting technology on the market, one is straight-down backlighting, the other is side-in backlighting. the first choice would be down-type backlight.
4. If you look at the other features of the TV, such as memory size, viewing system, color gamut issues, and whether or not it has motion compensation .Which is more expensive with more functions , the experience will be better.
5. As to which brand of LED TV is of good quality, I suggest choosing some familiar brands, such as Xiaomi TV, Skyworth TV, Hisense TV and TCL TV, and high-end look at Sony TV, Samsung TV and other brands are very good, but domestic TV sets have a high performance-to-price ratio.

Which of the latest TV models is the best:
If you want a new version TV, you'll have to budget a little more, because the new models tend to be more expensive.Here I can give several recommendations:

1.Xiaomi TV 6 --75 inch 4K QLED 4.5 + 64 GB Far-field voice MEMC shake-proof, game-smart flat panel TV L75M7-Z1
Xiaomi TV 6 is an OLED TV, 75-inch price 9,999 yuan, belong to Xiaomi More high-end Model! There are many advantages, such as 255 hardware-level backlight partition, each partition can independently control the change of light and dark, scene control ability to improve by leaps and bounds, the bright place is vivid, dark place is deep! Peak brightness can reach 1200 nits, the dynamic range of the picture has also been promoted to a new level!
Dubí support, and the TV can also adjust the screen brightness intelligently according to the Environment Light, not harsh! The light is effortless!
2.Skyworth 55R9U ---55-inch 4K ultra-high-definition OLED Eye Protection, pixel-controlled light, far-field voice MEMC anti-shake 3 + 64 g memory, old for new
It is a 55-inch OLED TV, true 4K ultra-high definition, memory is 3GB + 64GB esports level of configuration, slightly more expensive, the current price of activities of 7999 yuan! There are many advantages, such as zero harmful blue light, fast response, with DC dimming technology, avoid bright and dark alternate glare, ultra-thin body 4.8 mm! And more eye protection, for the use of children inside the family .
3.Hisense TV 65E7G-PRO 65 inch 4K ultra-clean Uled 120Hz speed screen, ultra-thin quantum dot game full screen, LED smart panel TV,
And TCL TV 65T8E-Pro 65IN QLED primary color quantum dot TV 4k Ultra High Definition, ultra thin metal full screen 3 + 32GB LCD Smart Flat Screen TV.
These two models are between average and OLED TV, but cost-effective. If you have a medium budget, these two is a good choice.


Post time: May-21-2022